Kentucky Blue Grass

This grass is definitely greener. Be the envy of the neighbourhood with this vibrant variety.

  • Kentucky Blue Grass - Certified Seed
  • Exclusive blend
  • Darker | Denser | Dwarfer
  • Weed free
  • Soft & lush grass
  • Less frequent watering & mowing than earlier varieties
  • Sod roll size 10 sq. ft (2’ W x 5’ L)

Benefits of Sod

  • Instant curb appeal; increasing your property value
  • Sod traps dirt and dust that is released into the atmosphere and your home
  • Sod traps and holds run off water
  • Sod protects soil from water and wind erosion
  • Sod uses less water to establish than seed
  • Muffles noise from your home
  • Reduces greenhouse gases, absorbs carbon dioxide
  • Much cooler than rock, concrete, asphalt and artificial turf
  • Releases oxygen and cools the air
  • Soft grass is perfect for bare feet
“55 square feet of turf grass provides enough oxygen for one person for an entire day.”Dr. Thomas L. Watschke, Pennsylvania State University
“The front lawns on a block of eight average homes have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning!” Maryland Turfgrass Survey, 1996 – An Economic Value Study

Proud Members Of

  • Lawn Institute